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The Difference Between Fact and Opinion

A fact is a statement that can be verified or proved.

An opinion is a belief or judgment about something that may or may not be based on fact or knowledge.

An opinion based on facts is an honest attempt to draw reasonable conclusions from factual evidence.

Some opinions are based on personal faith, beliefs, or morality and cannot be logically contested or disproved.

Prejudice is a pre-concevied opinion not based on reason or evidence.​

  1. How many countries are in the world today?
    How many countries are in the world today?
    There is no consensus on the total number of countries in the world today. There is no universally agreed upon definition of a country. 193 countires are members of the United Nations. Holy See (Vatican) and Palestine are recognized by the UN as non-member observers. Taiwan and Kosovo have gained wide but only partial recognition as separate countries.